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Special People in the Story of Archbishop Sheen


Sheen Family
El Paso cousins of Bishop Sheen sharing with author Greg Ladd. Left to right -- Michael Cleary, Merle Fulton, and Delores Cleary

Thomas Reeves -- Author of "America's Bishop"
Thomas Reeves authored the book "America's Bishop". His personal friendship and gifting to the Communication Room will long be remembered. Mr. Reeves gave of himself to lecture at Notre Dame formerly Spaulding H.S. after the book's publication and the teachers institute of Catholic Teachers. The Communication Room was honored to arrange the event.

Sioe hadinotogrom

The Fulton Sheen Centre communicated with Sioe Hadinotogrom from Jakarta Indonesia in North Carolina. Permission was received from the Foundation (Fr. Apostoli) to have Bishop Sheen prayer cards translated into Portuguese.

Indiana Artist who painted Museum's picture of Sheen
The unveiling of Bishop Fulton Sheen's most recent painting by his Indiana artist.

Lorraine Fulte - Mother of Founder Karen Fulte
In loving memory of Lorraine Fulte, mother of Karen Fulte, director of the Sheen Centre. The above basket was prepared for Cardinal George of Chicago. Angels escorted Lorraine home to heaven at 5:30 pm on Dec. 9, 2004. Memorial mass had concluded at St. Mary's of El Paso, IL, Bishop Sheen's baptismal site at the same time.

Jane Haas Hunt
Jane Haas Hunt at the crypt of Bishop Sheen in St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York City.

Robert Schuller - Cyrstal Cathedral         Life sized statue of Bishop Sheen graces the grounds of Crystal Cathedral at Garden Grove California
Left: Robert Schuller - Founder of the Crystal Cathedral
Right: Life sized statue of Bishop Sheen graces the grounds of Crystal Cathedral at Garden Grove California

Dr. Robert H. Schuller said of Sheen "I consider Fulton Sheen to be the brightest, the most brilliant, and the most beautiful Christian in mind and heart that I have known in the 20th Century. No one inspired me more than Fulton Sheen to use television to reach the unbelieving word for Christ."


 Roger Hollingstadt       Dan Brady and Abbot Roger Corpus
Left: Roger Hallingstadt, father of Jon Hallingstadt editor of "Your Life is Worth Living"
Right: Illinois State Representative Dan Brady talks with Marlene Faulk (Holy Hour Leader) and
Abbot Roger Corpus of St. Mary's Church -- El Paso, IL.

Lakeside Museum
Illinois Museums -- Yes!
Curator/Director Christi McKinley (second from left) consulted with the Centre's volunteers Julie Bradbury, Jane Hunt and pilgrim Mike Gannon.

Fr. Andrew Apostoli and Dennis Schreck
Fr. Andrew Apostoli of EWTN and FJS Foundation with Dennis Schreck Co-owner of the El Paso Depot (and whose birthday, May 8, is the same as Bishop Sheen.


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