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Sheen at Lourdes

At Lourdes Mass at Lourdes Filling containers

Sheen at Synagogue
Fulton J. Sheen, Bishop of Rochester, New York, at the Mount Neboh synagogue in Manhattan where he participated in the Jewish religious service and received a special Brotherhood Award.

1st Vatican Council  1st Kenyon Bishop with Sheen  Ist Communion of Mary Christine, Princess of Belgium

Barx Chapel  Address to Children and Ladies of Charity Hotel 

Friar's Club Roast  Reception at the Church of St. Joseph in Belgium  Meeting with Bud Wilkenson, Coach of the Oklahoma Football team, at the Interreligious National Bible Week Luncheon in New York City


  Leaving hospital after surgery  With Hugh Downs

    Morality in Media Award

    50th Anniversary as ordination as a priest

During Vatican 2  St. Joseph's House of Hospitality in Rochester, NY  Sheen with Irene Dunn

Young Fulton Sheen

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